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fks_graphics's Journal

Icons and More
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Welcome to flamingo_killer's graphics community!

This community was created as a place where anyone can find all of the graphics that I make in a collective location. You can find many different graphics here--from icons to colourbars, from wallpapers to headers, and maybe even moodthemes. Right now the community is still under construction, so I apologize for any inconveniences.

General Information
This community will provide icons and other graphics from various fandoms, tutorials, resources, and will sometimes take requests. Please make sure that you read through all the rules carefully before taking any graphics.
The memories will be an incredibly useful tool. Graphics will be cross-referenced by type (icon, colourbar, etc.) and subject. All other posts will be under a "Non-Graphics post" section.

Important Links, Navigation, and Other Points of Interest

Affiliating Information

This section will be updated in time. Thank you for your cooperation while the userinfo gets updated with these links!

Affiliates and Affiliating Information

clockwork_arts, owned by the wonderful crazy_clockwork

amyrose_inc, run by the fantastic herekittykitty

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

sillymongoosecb, run by sillymongoose.

dark_velvet, the graphics journal of mithborien.

my_own_100 is an awesome community is an icon challenge where you make 100 icons of specific categories to use for yourself. It's just starting up, and you can win a paid account if you don't have one, so go join today!

iconic_harmony, the graphics journal of thereflections.


spookshowicons, run by killprettyx and detoxcocktails.

foursides run by rainblows.

icon_goddess, the icon community of vblackangelv

outside_icons, the journal of inside

If you would like to affiliate with me, please comment at this post.

Promote the Community!

Graphics by flamingo_killer

Feel free to hotlink!

Awards and Communities

The gorgeous table found here is based off of that found in the info of spookshowicons. Please make sure to check out the community, too, run by detoxcocktails and killprettyx, two phenomenally talented graphics makers!