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Random graphics dump: HP, Jon Stewart banners, LotR, Butterflies, Dom, Music legends...colorbars

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time! I've been extremely busy with college application stuff.

Here is a random graphics dump:

-Two banners (Jon Stewart, Harry Potter)
-Five colorbars (LotR [+3 alternates], butterflies, music legends, weather and Dominic Monaghan)

No teaser because everything is too big.

Harry Potter

Major thanks to grrliz for creating the torn paper tutorial I used on this banner. You can find that tutorial at her icon community, grrliz_icons, here. Also major thanks to grrliz for the texture shown in the background. Thanks!

Matching (sorta) icon: Image hosting by Photobucket

Jon Stewart

PLEASE UPLOAD THESE TO YOUR OWN SERVER. Thank you. Please see the bottom of this post for more guidelines on the bannery-things.

Lord of the Rings

Dominic Monaghan


(won Best Mod Bar at _colorbarlove_)

Music Legends...I forget if I posted this already...


(won Best Mod Bar at _colorbarlove_)

Here is the code for the colorbars:

Please don't remove the credit! Thank you.

Please show your support for the community by joining here

Ok, for the headers/banners/wtv:
-Please upload to your own server. I don't have enough bandwidth to support widespread use of my links, unfortunately.
-You can use for whatever you want on livejournal. Credit it in your userinfo if using. If you want to use it outside of LJ, just leave a comment and let me know for what!

Also, I have a bunch of icons from the pilot of Lost that I will post soon. Yay!
Tags: banners, butterflies, colorbars, dominic monaghan, harry potter, jon stewart, lotr
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