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20 Anti-Bush/Republican Party icons

20 Anti-Bush/Republican Party icons

If you think you might be offended by these icons, don't look or start wank. Thanks.

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I took a bunch of these phrases from all over the internet--tons of Liberal websites, bumper stickers, etc. Though some of these are my own...I'm not that funny.
#17-->Jon Stewart quote

There will be a ton more of these, I'm just a bit behind on homework at the moment so I had to stop.

1. Please read the rules before snagging
2. If you haven't already, you can join the community here

3. Comment and let me know what you think!
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Taking bullshit, no carb, /bush. Will credit. ^^

Taking the "carb" one - love it! Will credit :)
~drive by snogs for Wendy~

Took maaaany. Will credit for awesomeness.
like this one :D
These are fantastic! Taking some, will credit, and you way rock!
the bullshit and the < / bush >

taking the "I think therefore I vote democrat" one

thank you, will credit!
& also the < / bush >
Oh man, I'm totally a Republican, but I have to say, I LOVE these icons. ^^ They're very amusing. Great job!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you didn't take them personally, too :D
See, I could, but there's really no point in it, all I'd do is cause political warfare in your nice pretty graphics journal, and no one wants that. Plus, I can't say I completely support Bush anymore anyway.
Took WTF!
Hehehehe. These are great! Took a whole bunch for future use, will credit. Well done! :)
Saved a bunch!
Yay! Snatching a few.
lol alexis needs to make more icons

i is teh lazy.
Hey, took the first two, the last one, and one of the "smart ass" ones. :) Will credit.
Saved several with credit, thank you!!

BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Genius! Snagging a thousand, sooo crediting.
I'm grabbing the geeky code one, definitely. XD And crediting, of course. Thanks!
saving to mems
Love these!!!
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